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I started using essential oils when I learned about their benefits in school.  They didn’t seem “to work” for me at first, but my mom noticed a difference using them right away.  After I stopped eating dairy and did a cleanse I started to notice benefits in using oils.


Now I use oils around the home, in my cooking and even on my dogs.  Here is a list of some of my favorite uses:

In the Kitchen

Drinks: add a drop of lemon and ginger to my kombucha, iced tea or raw juices

Desserts: add a couple drops of orange, lemon, lime, cinnamon, clove, ginger or peppermint to desserts


35923113_10216454742944072_2032429351110180864_nBug bites and cuts on dogs:  A drop of Lavender right on the spot

Keep the bugs away:  Spray TerraShield on their faces, butt, ears and feet. (Ylang Ylang Flower, Tamanu Seed, Nootka Wood, Cedarwood Wood, Catnip Plant, Lemon Eucalyptus Leaf, Litsea Fruit, Vanilla Bean Absolute, Arborvitae Wood)

Upset stomach: Drop of Chamomile in their dog food

Sanitizing Hand Soap:  OnGuard hand soap or a few drops on OnGuard in a plain hand soap.  Can also just rub a drop in my hands with some coconut oil as a hand sanitizer/lotion. (Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary)

Toothpaste: OnGuard toothpaste.  Raises the pH in my mouth, antibacterial, my gums stay cleaner and feel healthier.  You can also add a drop OnGuard oil blend to a cup of water and use it as a mouthwash.

Feel a cold coming on or a scratchy throat: OnGuard throat drops

Breathe well at night: Diffuse Breathe blend at night. (Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Cardamom, Ravintsara, and Ravensara)

De-stress:  Put a drop of Forgive (Spruce Leaf, Bergamot Peel, Juniper Berry Fruit, Myrrh Gum Resin, Arborvitae Wood, Nootka Tree Wood, Thyme Leaf, Citronella Herb) blend or Serenity (Lavender, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Hawaiian Sandalwood and Vanilla Bean) blend on my temples and breathe deeply for a few minutes.

Aching bones or ligaments:  Put a couple drops of AromaTouch on the spot and gently massage. (Basil, Grapefruit, Cypress, Marjoram, Peppermint, and Lavender )

Aching muscles:  Rub in some Deep Blue oil or lotion (Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, Helichrysum and Osmanthus)

Stomach pains:  I mix a drop of Frankincense with coconut oil and caster oil and rub on my stomach in a clockwise motion.