Supporting your endocrine system

Endocrine System
The Pituitary, Hypothalamus and Thyroid all work together to produce our bodies’ hormones.  The hypothalamus signals the pituitary to release a particular hormone that triggers other organs like they thyroid to release their hormones and steroids.   These organs regulate growth hormones (size of bones and muscles), reproduction, heart rate and temperature.  The back of the thyroid regulates the amount of calcium in your blood by breaking down bones to release calcium or having bones store calcium.  These organs are stimulated or shut off based on the levels of hormones currently in our body (chemically) and by our nervous system (electrically) from sensing heat/cold, danger (stress), day/night.
When these organs are weakened, blocked or not in sync, they cause hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.
Synthroid only provides T4.  Natural thyroid provides the full spectrum of thyroid hormones and calcitonin (produced by the thyroid) which creates strong bones to prevent osteoporosis.
These organs also tell the pancreas  when to produce insulin and glucagon.
(Human Body Systems, Daniel Chiras)


Stress and self-care
As mentioned Stress effects the function of these organs.  Having a daily routine to reduce stress is important to ensure they function correctly.  Having stress reduction techniques is important to keep your mind from overriding the balance your body needs.
1. Sleep – Go to bed at the same time each night and find the number of hours you need to feel rested.  The average is 8 hours, but you may require less or more.  You can also adjust your bed time to the seasons,  going to be later in the summer and earlier in the winter as the daylight hours are shorter.  Many hormones are triggered by sleep when your blood levels are higher.  Muscle growth occurs during sleep so if you work out and don’t rest, your muscles will not develop correctly.
2. EFT, Meditation and deep breathing, grounding –  The pituitary signals the adrenas to produce gluccorticoids, one being adrenalin and cortisol that makes your body ready to fight or flee.  This is turned on by pain (pulling your hand away from fire) or fear/anxiety (being attacked).  If you are not in danger and just stressed or anxious you can turn this on and overtime experience adrenal fatigue.
EFT is a series of tapping on the face, head and body that gets your body’s attention that you want to make a change.
Deep breathing signals the brain that you are not in physical danger and do not need cortisol released.  Start with 6 deep breaths in a minute three times a day.  Work your way up to 35 deep breaths in 5 minutes three times a day.  This helps remind your body you are not in real danger.
Meditation – focusing on one thought while you breathe deeply and relax the muscles in the body.
Grounding – great for racing minds – focus on a object for 3 minutes.  Do not judge the object. Notice how it feels, smells, tastes (if it’s food), the color, the texture of it.  If your mind wanders and you start to judge it (ex. I like it, or it’s dirty and nasty) then pull your mind back just to observing it.  All of these are ways to signal the body to turn off stress.
3. Exercise – work off stress through exercise.  So you stressed and have too much cortisol in your system, you will need to exercise to get rid of it or it will build up and cause adrenal fatigue. So, walk around the block, walk up a flight of stairs and down, rebound for 15 min (mini-trampoline).  Work up to 30 min of exercise each day to get rid of cortisol and release endorphins.
4. Self-care routines – Self care is not a luxury but a necessity!  Set up a routine that works for you each week to reduce stress.  Here are some ideas:
Morning – 15 min devotion and deep breathing, dry brush, oils and shower. Start the day with a smoothie or oatmeal, fruit & protein made the night before.
Afternoon – 30 min exercise of your choice, big soup and salad or steamed veggies with a protein
Evening – 15 min devotion, stretch and deep breathing, light dinner mostly steamed veggies and a protein
All Day – stress reduction techniques as needed
Weekly – Hot bath or shower, exfoliate and moisturize

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