Self-care for Healthcare (Part 1)

For those who can’t afford healthcare; or those who have healthcare but are still sick and tired; or for those who are just interested in wellness.

For those losing your memory or energy or both!

I’m starting a 10 part series on how we can better take care of ourselves to hopefully avert more colds, infections, chronic diseases and inflammation.


Part 1  Boosting your immune system

Your immune system is your first line of defense when it comes to health.   When your body comes in contact with a virus, fungus, molds or bacteria that are harmful; the immune system sets off an attack.  Often you will get a low grade fever or start feeling low energy when this happens.  A strong immune system working with your digestive system will conquer the harmful element and remove it through sweat, urine and/or poop!   A weak immune system will not be able to fight off the invaders leaving them in your body; and over time, you will feel sluggish, tired, brain fog, high blood pressure, crave sugars, etc.

Step 1  Supplement your food with a vitamin and probiotics

The first step in breaking this cycle is to get the minerals and probiotics that are missing in our food today.   No matter, what your diet is made of, it will not have all the minerals, vitamins and probiotics we need because of the current food industry.  I am assuming you purchase your food at the grocery store or restaurants, and do not have a personal organic farm for fresh produce and meats.   I’ll get to improving your diet later in the series.

Vitamin-A-D-and-E-deficiency-linked-to-repeat-colds-and-flu-in-Chinese-children-Case-control-study_strict_xxl.jpgStart with taking a multi-vitamin once a day.  This will start putting the vitamins and minerals back in your body that you use each day.   There are many kinds on the market.  You can start with the grocery store brands, health food store brands or private brands.  No matter what you choose, pick one that has been independently tested to ensure you are getting what the label says you are getting.


Next, take a probiotic and eat fermented foods.  Fermented foods are foods preserved using salt or the good bacteria

of previous batches of fermented foods.   Your gut is filled is bacteria both good and bad.  When there is more bad then good, you get diarrhea, sweet cravings, gas, bloating, inflammation and pain, leaky gut…and irritable bowel.   When your gut is filled with more good then bad, you have 2-3 good bowel movements a day, easy digestion, you have energy and feel light on your feet.

A lot of these foods can be found at the grocery store but they are likely not fermented. They may have been made with salt or pasteurized to preserve them, but that kills the good bacteria that you want along with the bad.   So, make these at home or find someone who does make them and share!

Fermented foods

  • Yogurt – Fermented milk
  • Sauerkraut – German style fermented cabbage
  • Kimchi – Asian style fermented cabbage
  • Miso – Fermented soybeans
  • Natto-  Extra fermented soybeans
  • Kefir – Fermented milk or water
  • Kombucha – Fermented teas
  • Fermented pickles and other veggies

Lastly, love yourself!   You may not be happy with your body or health right now, but it’s the only body you have!  God gave you this life and loves you, no matter where you are at this moment.   Love yourself and love your neighbor as yourself.  The attitude of gratitude.   I also recommend you give several hugs a day which releases endorphins and decreases pain.


So, start taking a multi-vitamin and probiotics every day!  Every day adds up so over time your immune system will start to improve.  But there may be a few symptoms that are driving your crazy!  Jump start your help with a healthy cleanse…. in Part 2!


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