Inner Peace

Suicide bombers, terrorism, attacks, shootings, disease, deaths, burglary, fires, tornados, car accidents…we hear about all of these tragedies on a daily basis.  Some say, if there is a God then why would He let this happen?

Easter is a reminder that there is a God.  One that 2,017 years ago checked on us and lived with us.  He reminded us of his promises and told us He will continue to take care for us.  While we are alive we are to tell others His promises and to love one another.   When we die, we will be with Him again.  By living this way, we can get through anything we encounter each day.  We may or may not like where we are, but God put us there to love one another and to tell others why.

So when you know this is the only thing we have to do, the stress of job/home/finances/sickness/future decreases.  When you know this, you start to live joyfully even if you are not in a joyful place.  You can be in the worst of circumstances but thankful to be alive to love one more person, to show kindness to one more person.

Easter changes everything.  – Peace & Joy